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Industrial vacuum for grain milling

Industrial vacuum for grain milling

The grain milling industry for food production or flour milling is subject to strict measures regarding hygiene procedures for the workplace, specified in the EC 852/2004 legislation and this highlights the importance of adopting suitable procedures and machinery to maintain the cleanliness of both the workplace and production machinery. For this reason, the use of industrial vacuum cleaners for removing dust is fundamental for keeping plants dust-free and avoiding any type of contamination of the final product.

Milling machinery must be kept clean to guarantee high quality products and also to greatly reduce the risk of explosion caused by the concentration of dust in the workplace, usually classified ATEX zone 22.

Coynco perfectly combines these two aspects by supplying ATEX certified industrial vacuum cleaners that, with the use of HEPA filtration, guarantee the removal of particles in the workplace and, thanks to a wide range of models, it's possible to choose different configurations from the most compact to models with automatic filter cleaning or those suitable for centralised plants.