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Cement production

In all processes related to the production of cement and bricks, there is a considerable amount of dust on the surfaces and in the atmosphere.

The cement dust is toxic due to the presence of micro silicones and it is, therefore, very important to always maintain a professional cleaning of the working environment.
To satisfy the requirements for the re-introduction of clean air into the atmosphere, Coynco produces heavy-duty industrial vacuum cleaners with absolute HEPA filter systems.

Another characteristic of this type of dust is that it is very clogging for filters.

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PTFE film

Coynco has gained years of experience in the suction of cement and has developed one of the best industrial vacuum cleaners for fine dust with patented filter cleaning systems thanks to years of work and specific tests on this type of dust.

The continuous improvement of the filter materials has led to the use of very high filtration filter cartridges and layered with a PTFE film which significantly reduces the filtering obstruction and makes the cleaning of the filter discharge easier.

The complication due to a high collection of large quantities of material in the industrial vacuum cleaners can be resolved with the use of separators.
These separators increase the containment capacity, reduce the clogging, and make the disposal easier, like in the case of unloading and storage of the material sucked into 1000 liter “BIG BAG” bags.