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Electronic material processing

Industrial vacuum cleaners for the production of PCB

The process of PCBs manufacturing can include some dusty operations, like drilling or sanding, that generate very fine dust that must be captured carefully.
Coynco can provide industrial vacuum cleaners that can safely collect this kind of dust, using a high-efficiency filtration system.
The best solution for the collection of this dust is to seal it directly inside bags after the vacuuming. So the operator will not get in touch with the dust and there will be a better cleaning of the working environment and a more healthy disposal operation.

Industrial vacuum cleaners for the production of Micro-processors

Micro-processor manufacturing required the utilization of semiconductors as silicium, a material highly toxic to human health.
For this reason, it's very important to keep the workplace and the environment clean, using specific industrial dust vacuum cleaners with a high-efficiency filtration system that Coynco can provide.