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Coynco has spent many years focussing on the problems of dust extraction produced by surface finishing machinery.
Shot peening or any type of sandblasting, grinders and shot-blaster machinery remove large quantities of dust from surfaces generating very fine dust that must be removed by specific and professional vacuum cleaners that can guarantee continuous work without losing time due to inefficient filtering.

For this reason, the ICLEAN models are one of the best industrial vacuum cleaners for fine dust and valued by some of the main manufacturers of flooring machinery. Due to their ability to maintain constant suction, by using an integrated automatic filter cleaning system that reduces the stopping time of machinery, our industrial dust vacuum cleaners are helping to reduce the costs for surface finishing.

Also, our ICLEAN models have all fitted with HEPA H 14 filters that are capable of removing 99.995% of 0.3 µ, providing an additional guarantee in the workplace, by removing airborne dust and avoiding inhalation by the operators and leaving a high-level of professional cleaning.