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The RVS models are vacuum cleaners designed for the professional vacuuming of bulky and light materials such as paper scraps, fabrics and plastic materials of all kinds.

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In many companies in the food or pharmaceutical industrial sector, there are departments dedicated to the packaging of their products.

The RVS models have been specifically designed for the industrial suction of scraps coming from these operations, usually dedicated to automatic machines.

The importance of sucking up the scraps allows the continuous maintenance of the packaging process, avoiding the accumulated material from jamming the operation of the automatic machinery.

The flexibility of Coynco's internal carpentry department allows us to manufacture, upon request, machinery made entirely of stainless steel.

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As in the departments dedicated to packaging, the processing and cutting companies of fabrics also produce voluminous scraps that could cause slowdowns in production processes.

The very light nature of the material to be vacuumed makes it necessary to use specially designed industrial vacuum cleaners.

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The RVS industrial vacuum cleaners for dust can be made in the Vertical version RVS-V or in the Horizontal version RVS-V.

The vertical version minimizes the dimensions of the industrial vacuum cleaner, the horizontal version has a greater installed power and a large storage capacity. The collection of the material is entrusted to a bag, available in different filter materials, depending on the need.

The standard version provides for the use of disposable bags, but bags with greater filtering power are also available in case of aspiration of dusty material. There is always the presence of a secondary safety filter.

The suction flow, which occurs from top to bottom, allows the product to settle inside the container bag, which is kept stretched out, thus exploiting the suction force to compress the material, making full use of the capacity containing the collection bag.