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Industrial vacuum cleaners for Self-Service car wash

Coynco self-service vacuums for Car Wash stations are designed following industrial vacuum cleaners standards that offer advantages in terms of suction efficiency and reduced filter clogging.

The maintenance of filters is limited compared to the conventional self-service industrial vacuum cleaners, but thanks to Coynco's filtration technology and filters cleaning, our machines are almost free-maintenance.

These great advantages bring benefits to the customer’s satisfaction, in terms of performances, and, consequently, to the car wash station’s owner, limiting his constant maintenance of filters and ensuring always a professional cleaning of the cars.

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Centralized vacuum system for car wash

Coynco produces centralized vacuum cleaner systems that can be used by up to 10 operators simultaneously in self-service or in manual use.
The modular power of our industrial vacuum cleaners for these applications allows you to achieve correct professional cleaning, better suction results and also advantages in terms of energy efficiency.

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Mobile industrial vacuum cleaners for Car Wash

Our mobile trolley-mounted vacuums are designed to allow an easy movement of the machines and these types of industrial vacuum cleaners can be provided with a long pipe to facilitate the sanitation in the car wash.

Our industrial vacuum cleaners are built with electric turbines that produce great suction power to minimize the time of sanitation, reduces the costs and achieves good results of professional cleaning.

If required, it is possible to install specific accessories to serve multiple operators using only one machine.

For a professional cleaning in the car-wash, the efficiency and durability of the machines are very important. To achieve this is recommended the use of a side-channel turbine that can work continuously without stopping.

It is recommended the use of a mobile vacuum in car wash and facilities for the cleaning of the car's interior.

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Industrial vacuum cleaners for the sanitation of vehicles for public transport

Professional cleaning for the community is getting more and more important.

Keeping cars and vehicles for public transport clean is one of our goals and we have created a specific line of industrial vacuum cleaners to face this demand.

Municipalities or companies engaged in cleaning vehicles for public transport require powerful and reliable industrial vacuum cleaners for the sanitation of every type of surface.
The number of vehicles to clean is very high and the staff must be equipped with efficient and well maneuverable equipment, in order to finish the task of cleaning in time for the public need.

Coynco already provides his heavy-duty industrial vacuum cleaners to companies involved in the cleaning of Metros, buses and trains all around the world.