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Production & Innovation



Coynco is a company that is capable of finding the perfect solution for any type of request, like industrial dust vacuum cleaner, industrial liquid vacuum cleaner and heavy-duty industrial vacuum cleaner.

All thanks to his excellent customer service and his rapid exchange of information and a wide selection of machinery. As well as his constant and continuous access to all the necessary parts for the manufacturing of vacuum cleaners or side-channel turbines.

Our industrial vacuum cleaners are entirely manufactured by us, starting from the raw materials to the finished product.

All the processes of laser cutting, punching, stamping, bending of metal sheets, shaft calendaring, MIG welding, shaft production, the printing of polyurethane sealing, turning and production of turbines for our industrial vacuum cleaners are entirely produced in our company. 

That guarantees maximum and constant control of the entire production chain, standard conditions for obtaining the maximum qualitative results.



The starting point of our vacuum cleaners is the SOLARYS side channel blowers, produced by ourselves, distributed on the world market and appreciated for their qualities of efficiency and reliability.

The combination in the heart between our turbines, our designed shape and our operating technology, creates vacuum cleaners covered by international patents, achieved thanks to our continuous efforts in offering always best solutions for your work quality.

In a market that offers numerous non-specialized standard vacuum cleaners, our mission is to fully satisfy and find perfect solutions for the specific needs of the client and become the best industrial vacuum cleaner producers.

Our specific products are not only of extremely high quality but also capable of guaranteeing complete efficiency and effectiveness, features that help to greatly reduce the time spent on professional cleaning and thereby reducing costs.